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Talk at the "Technische Universität München" (TU Munich)

During a didactic teaching seminar in the summer term (2017 and 2018) with focus on "Innovations in the didactic of natural sciences - gain of scientific knowledge using the honeybee model organism" Christoph Bauer (vice chairman of BeeBIT e.V.) presented the possible use cases of eHives in school classes and in small research projects in front of university students.

Science On Stage Berlin

In November 2018 Dr. Monika Fröhlich and Christoph Bauer were invited to the national "Science on Stage" festival in Berlin. There they presented innovative teaching methods in front of German teachers. These methods are related to the eHive project. On top of that, experiments about conditioning and the making of durable biological preparations were shown.

Journal article in "Biologie 5-10"

The article "Varrose online erkennen" ("Detect the varroa desease online") was written by Isabelle and Christoph Bauer and published in the journal "Biologie 5-10" of the Friedrich Verlag. In the article a lesson is presented, that is based on the eHives' data. By comparing the weight diagrams of two eHives in the same time period, conclusions about the health of the corresponding bee colonies can be deduced. The article can be downloaded here (only available in German).


The eTwinning platform of the EU allows European students from different countries to work together on educational projects. It will be possible to use the eHives' data for establishing a collective "bee project".
BeeBIT already received the first requests concering this topic. If you are interested in such a project, we would be happy to offer you support.

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