New designed website

On the 1st of march a new desgined website was launched at our web address The diagram viewer and the teaching resources management system were unaffected by this.

Since many month, we thought about a new design for our website and tried to expand and renew the published information. With the new website, a blog system was implemented in which small or big news can be released easily. At you find worth reading articles from the up-to-now spreaded newsletters. In future, the new written and published articles will be summed up to big newsletters in regular time periods. This provides the chance for you to access news on the blog directly without having to wait for a newsletter. In consequence, you can read the articles shortly after they are written.

Furthermore, the start page contains a new feature: a table with informations about the technical state of the eHives. As you may have noticed, not all eHives send data. We tried to make the reasons for this transparent in the table. It will be updated in regular time periods.

On the old website all up-to-now released newsletters could be accessed. The new blog system makes this largely unnecessary. However, if you wish to read the old newsletters, they can be downloaded by clicking on the following links. You will be redirected to the corresponding PDF file on our server.

Please keep in mind that the old newsletters may contain outdated information. Up-to-date informations about the eHive project can be found for example on the FAQ page of the website.

(cw) 2019-03-01