Dear readers,

in the past months we did our very best to advance the BeeBIT project. In multiple subdivisions of the project there were some siginificant advances that we want to inform you about.

Website and teaching resources

In the past weeks we refinend the Teaching Resource Management System (TRMS) to serve as a productive system. There are minor technical difficulties that should be solved within the next days. We had to develop the system in-house because the University of Würzburg left the project.

At the same time, we are working on a new main page. It will present the project in a detailed manner and is to launch in the next three days. The site will be optimized for mobile devices and will contain e.g. an interactive map with all the eHives across Europs as well as a 3D model of the eHive.

State of the bee colonies

Due to the general bee mortality, some of our colonies didn't survive Winter 2016/2017. We were able to record unprecedented data of these events. That regards e.g the colonies in Würzburg and Maribor. In spring, those eHives will be re-populated with bee colonies.

Development of the eHive 2.0

With the experiences from the development of the original eHive, we evaluated our design and decided to update several components. This allows us to add more sensors, we are currently planning on a bee counter and a microphone inside the hive. Our technical chief Jonas already started with construction and the first eHives of this type will be delivered this April. Jonas will also publish a feature on the website then.

Your BeeBIT Team