About BeeBIT e.V.

BeeBIT as it exists today was founded in 2015 by a group of teachers and graduate students. The group formed in late 2013 as a relativly small school project which developed into a big european project. After graduation, the association BeeBIT e.V. (the addendum "e.V." is the German abbreviation for registered association) was founded for maintaining and developing the eHive project. All members work voluntary in their free time, which is why we always search for interested persons who are willing to cooperate or support us. If your are interested, feel free to contact us.

registered non-profit

Active members

Christian Weiglein
eHive support & sales

Jonathan Hofinger

Jonas Göbel
vice chairman,
hardware development

Christoph Bauer
vice chairman,
chemistry & biology teacher

David Schneller
software & web development,
data management & visualisation

Norbert Baur
project coordinator,
retired school principal

Patrick Günther
secretary to the board,
web development

Martin Otersen
computer science teacher

You can contact us personally via our e-mail adress. The personal e-mail adress of each member consists of the first letter of the first name, the full surname and an appended First name letter and surname are joint by a dot. (Example: for team member John Doe)